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Dear friends of Viet Nam all over the world,

Fellow comrades and members of the Vietnamese diaspora,

Let me welcome you, friends, to the official website of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam to the Ukraine. Viet Nam is located in the Southeast of Asia – the heart of the Asia-Pacific – a most dynamic economic growth center of the world. Blessed with an immensely important geostrategic location and endowed with a tradition of hard work and innovativeness, over the thirty years since 1986, the Vietnamese people have exerted utmost effort in the Doi Moi (Reform) process. From a poor and less developed country, Viet Nam has achieved a growth rate averaging 6% and has counted herself among the middle-income countries of the world since 2010. Viet Nam has a stable socio-political foundation, an open and dynamic economy, a young labor force of which 60% are under 35, and a vast market of nearly 93 million consumers with an ever growing income and purchasing power.

Presently, Viet Nam has enjoyed diplomatic relations with 180 out of 193 members of the United Nations and trade ties with nearly 230 countries and territories. 20,000 businesses from 110 countries and partners are investing in Viet Nam for a total value of US$300 billion. Viet Nam is an active member of more than 70 regional and international organizations and has ever been fulfilling her role as an active member of the international community. Viet Nam has organized many important international conferences and thus appreciated by the international community, such as the 2006 APEC Year, ASEAN 2010, IPU-132, and this year, the 2017 APEC Year. In addition, with a vast wealth of natural resources and numerous scenic spots and cultural heritages tangible and intangible alike recognized by the international community, Viet Nam is also an ideal destination for those who wish to come to do business, travel, see the sights and conduct studies and research works.

Viet Nam and the Ukraine officially established diplomatic relations on the 23rd of January, 1992, immediately following Ukraine's declaration of independence on the 24th of August the previous year. Over the last 25 years, the traditional friendship and comprehensive partnership between our two countries have been upgraded into a Comprehensive Partnership. This has opened up a new period of robust development for our relations, deeper and more comprehensive than ever before. Ever since then, the bilateral relations between Viet Nam and Ukraine has grown rapidly in all areas, including economic, political, security, trade, science, education and humanitarian cooperation, among many others.

Yet the relations between us has not just begun in 1992. Our two countries have enjoyed a traditional friendship and cooperation long before that auspicious day. This relationship has been fostered and reinforced by the tireless work of many generations of Vietnamese and Ukrainians. The Ukrainian people had accorded to ours enormous and effective assistance in both spirit and material in our struggle for peace and national independence as well as the post-war national construction. Throughout those fiercest years of war, thousands of advisors and military experts from Ukraine had crossed the vast distance to Viet Nam, contributing their heart and mind to the victory of the Vietnamese people's resistance war against the Americans. Tens of thousands of Vietnamese people, including many who have been holding important offices in all areas in Viet Nam, had received their training in Ukraine,  which had endowed them with both knowledge and skill. They have been making active contributions to the building and development of our Vietnamese motherland. We, the people of Viet Nam, consistent in our affection and gratitude, always treasure such gifts that the Ukrainian nation and people have given to us.

It is my fondest desire that this website of the Vietnamese Embassy to Ukraine will become a regular destination for all international friends and the Vietnamese diaspora – those who have been keenly following the goings-on in Viet Nam – thereby contributing to the promotion of mutual understanding and further tightening the friendship between Viet Nam and all nations in the world, especially our traditional friendship and comprehensive partnership between Viet Nam and Ukraine.

We welcome all assistance and all contributions that you, friends, would contribute to this website.

May the Viet Nam – Ukraine relations ever flourish and prosper. May health and success plentiful be with all of you, friends from all around this green earth, in your every endeavor./.


Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

to the Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova






Nguyễn Anh Tuấn​

  ​​  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​   ​​​