Seminar on Ukrainian Economy and Viet Nam - Ukraine Trade and Economic Relations 

in the context of China - US Trade War

​        The Vietnamese Embassy in Ukraine organized a seminar titled "Ukrainian Economy and Viet Nam - Ukraine Trade and​ Economic Relations in the Context of the China – US Trade  War" on 20th November 2018. The keynote speaker was Prof. Dr. Okhrimenko Axana from the Department of Economics and Finance, Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Participants included the Embassy staff and about 20 businessmen and entrepreneurs representing the Vietnamese business circle in Ukraine.


Ambassador Nguyen Anh Tuan delivered his opening remarks

        In her in-depth presentation,  Prof. Dr. Okhrimenko Axana gave the participants an overall picture of Ukraine's macro-economy and highlighted  key trends regarding inflation, exchange rates, investment, trade, foreign debts, national budget etc., and how the current trade war between China and the US may affect Ukraine.


     In the Q&A session, participants both gave comments and asked the speaker a lot of questions in order to formulate the orientation for the Vietnamese business circle in Ukraine in the coming years . 


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