Information about the campaign "Live fully in Viet Nam"

Viet Nam is launching a campaign named "Live fully in Viet Nam" as it welcomes international tourists back into the country. For the first time since March 2020, travelers  will  be  able  to  walk  new paths  and  savor  new  tastes  in  Viet Nam, to experience the country's internationally-treasured culture and nature anew. 

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The campaign "Live fully in Viet Nam". Photo by VNAT.

The package of information about the campaign "Live fully in Viet Nam", developed by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Viet Nam and the Viet Nam National Administration of Tourism, includes: (i) Press release; (ii) Viet Nam tourism introduction videos (iii) Guidance on health and immigration procedures; (iv) Infographic of steps before the visit and upon arrival; (v) Logo "Live fully in Viet Nam"; (vi) Suggested destinations for international tourists in the pilot phase. 

The package can be accessed via the link and the QR code below:
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Infographic of 4 steps before the visit:

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Photo by VNAT.

Infographic of 4 steps upon arrival:

Photo by VNAT.

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