​​Embassy of Viet Nam in Ukraine participated the 27th Charity Bazaar in 2019

      On Saturday, November 30, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine, the International Women's Club in Kyiv in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs Service of Ukraine organized the 27th Charity Bazaar. There are 49 Embassies of all countries in Ukraine, including our embassy of Viet Nam participated in this event.

In addition to the purpose of charity, the bazaar is also a place to introduce plentiful cultures of the countries. The diverse display space gives visitors the opportunity to explore and experience many interesting cultural and culinary features. The pavilions of many countries have brought their own specialties such as: souvenirs, traditional cuisine and drinks, and folk shows.

      The Vietnamese pavilion attracted the attention of diplomats and visitors to the fair with traditional handicrafts which made of bamboo, wood, lacquer, etc. In particular, food stall with traditional Vietnamese cuisine such as Pho, spring rolls, tofu etc. have become a popular attraction.

This is an annual event with the purpose of raising charities to help orphans, the elderly, the disadvantaged and those in special circumstances that need help in Ukraine. The fair always attracts the enthusiastic participation of officials of embassies, activists in the field of culture, businessmen, investors in Ukraine, etc. and also received great support of the organizations and media of the host country Ukraine.

      Here are some photos of the bazaar:

ĐS cắt băng khai mạc-V.jpg

Sân khấu 2.jpg

Quầy ẩm thực 2.jpg

Gian hàng mỹ nghệ 1-V.jpg

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